Hot Tub and Spa Removal Service


A hot tub is a great place to relax and unwind – until you don’t want it anymore. If you’re stuck with a big, bulky hot tub or spa at your home in the Greater Los Angeles area, A Junk Free Planet junk removal service can help!  An old, unwanted or broken hot tub, spa or jacuzzi can be a huge hassle. Too big and heavy to remove on your own, it quickly becomes an eyesore and consumes valuable space. But A Junk Free Planet Spa Removal service can come to the rescue.


The pricing for spa and hot tub removal is different from Junk Removal due to the labor involved in demolishing the Spa before removing it from your property.
Therefore, our pricing can be described by the following formula:
(Based on Size of Spa) + (Based on Truck Space Used) = Total Price

Prices for Spa Size:

2-4 Person Spa = $495
6-8 Person Spa = $595
10-12 Person Spa = $695
Price for the amount of space the demolished Spa takes in our truck, same as the Junk Removal Prices


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