5 Things to look for in a Junk Removal Company

It’s important to know what makes a reputable junk removal service. After all, a junk removal company could be a guy with a truck or an international franchise. 

We looked all over the web for good advice on choosing a good junk removal company.

These traits appeared on the web the most.

  1. Quick removal.

The junk removal industry considers the amount of time from customer contact to actual removal as one of the yard sticks of a good service provider.  A Junk Free Planet performs SAME DAY SERVICE. We are available EVERY DAY for junk removal and spa removal services in Los Angeles and its surrounding areas.

  2. Every item goes.

A good service provider is responsive to customer requirements and will work with you to remove and dispose of your junk properly — The only items A Junk Free Planet cannot take are hazardous materials. This is due to special licenses which are required to handle hazmat.

   3. Certifiable skills.

A good junk removal company has trained and experienced crew to capably handle the customer’s removal needs and provide quality work. A crew starts must have a commitment to customer service. The crew must know how to carefully remove the items, cleanup and not make more of a mess.

– We have been working in Junk Removal and Spa Removal for 7 years.   Check out all the services we have provided.

   4. Competitive prices.

The pricing format should be simple for the customer to understand. It is based on volume or the amount of space filled up in the truck. Some companies’ price is based on the hours worked and/or the weight of the debris.

Our Junk Removal Pricing is based on amount of SPACE filled up in the truck. Since our trucks are larger than our competitor’s trucks, you receive more value from using us!!! Ask our competitors for their prices. You will see, that you receive better value right here.   Spa Removal Prices will include labor since we must destroy the spa or hot tub before removing it.

   5. Proper disposal and Clean up.

The company needs to have an established system of junk disposal. They should dispose of junk in a responsible manner, with a mind for environmental protection. In addition, a professional junk remover ensures that the area of junk removal is ready for the customers reuse. 

While some of AJFP’s junk is taken to landfills throughout the area, junk that can be recycled is recycled and reused for other purposes depending on the item’s condition. In addition, we ensure that spaces are clean after the junk is removed.

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Also, Consider these traits when choosing a Junk Removal Company.